Foley and Longley edit this lvly magazine callnd LVNG and I am inside it and you can read it online.

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Denver Quarterly

Babes, I have two really fresh poems in Denver Quarterly 48.4


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Colorado Review

Two poems out in the current Colorado Review—alongside work by faves Laura Wetherington, Aaron Kunin, and Lee Ann Brown—rad.

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East Bay Poetry Summit Fuck the Fourth BBQ 2014


Wednesday, July 2nd

8pm Karaoke at Nick’s Lounge | 3218 Adeline St, Berkeley

Thursday, July 3rd

6pm Potluck at The OMNI | 4799 Shattuck Avenue

8pm Speakeasy | 604 56th, Oakland
Erin Morrill
Ana Bozicevic
Brian Whitener
Will Alexander

Friday, July 4th

4pm The Long Haul | 3124 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley
Donato Mancini
Stephen Boyer
Brenda Iijima
Rodney Koeneke
Jesus Lasso
*BBQ at Woolsey Heights following the reading

8pm Woolsey Heights | 1628 Woolsey St. Apt. C, Berkeley
Mat Laporte
Cathy Wagner
R. Erica Doyle
Farnoosh Fathi

Saturday, July 5th

4pm Tender Oracle | 531 22nd St, Oakland
Trish Salah
Jackie Wang
Jennifer Tamayo
Coda Wei (formerly known as Debbie Hu)

7pm The OMNI | 4799 Shattuck Avenue
K Silem Mohammad
Allison Cobb
Aaron Kunin
Feliz Lucia Molina

Sunday, July 6th

11am Softball at Bushrod Park | 59th and Shattuck

3pm BBQ PARTY at David Buuck’s house.

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Vindow Viper

Last night I dreamt someone emailed me with the question “Which is better, Conceptual poetry or Lyric poetry?”

In the dream I made up this joke: “Ja, better, but vich is verse?”

Avaunt to vipe your vanguard.

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and BOMB

Four new poems up at BOMB Magazine, alongside this gorgeous piece by Tamara Gonzales.  Image

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the Awwwwwwwl

New poem up at the Awl–When Relinquish on a Star

Oootch I have a special crush on publishing online and a special-special crush on magazines that publish poetry w/o being Literary Journals

tho also a special crush on Literary Journals and physical objects, too

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